Tuesday, 5 February 2013

We Did This Records - Compilation One (2013)

We Did This Records Compilations are a collection of past and present music made by friends in the South African DIY underground.

Compilation One turned out to focus on some Folk-Punk, Post-Rock , with a little noise-rock and some other jams.

Car Boot Vendors - Licking Batteries
Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents - Comrades With Fast Cars
Dallas & Alexia - Death Wish
Joy Moonflower - Mrs Anderson (Live)
Cami Scoundrel - Like Spagetti
Jon Shaban - The Square Root Of Pi (Live)
Joy Moonflower and Captain Baker - They will fight for you
King Dinosaur - Volcano Levels (Electric)
Skollie! - Get Me Out Of Here
All These Wasted Nuts - The Cat Song
Sloppy Folk - You're gonna be fine
The Trees - Dont Stop (Live Balcony Session)
Monday Morning Justice - Veritas via Sin Dios
Matt Vend and The Tender Ten - Highway 1
Zam Boney - Ballad Of A Simple Man
Emma Hearne - i don't know why (Demo)
Kabaal (klankbaan) - This town is for lovers
Brett Newski - In Between Exits (Live)
Us Kids Know - A Liar & a Thief
Make-Overs - Celebrate The Harvest
Sindrones - Orchestras
Mark's Little Box - Track 2
Michael Way - Hello Mr Mackey
FSD (South Africa) - Misfit Love


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