Friday, 7 March 2014

Black Love by The Bone Collectors

"Almost 1.5 years since The Bone Collectors released this record - now freely downloadable for all the boys'n'girls. We'd best get started on the next one, huh? Tentatively titled 'The Sheriff of Mowbray'." - Rol Hunter

Debut album 'Black Love'

The Bone Collectors have been swinging, dark and sinfully in both the finest and foulest venues in the Cape for over 4 years now and after doing the rounds on the live scene, there was nothing else left to do but commit some of that groovy voodoo to hard copy. 

Roland Hunter - sings, strings
Nick Becker - sax attack
Gawie du Toit - he's our bass boy
Ryk Otto - whacks the skins
Ken Bullen-Smith - whacks the tins

Here's an embarrassing video with Sloppy Chris and Cami Scoundrel watching the band in a drunken daze.
We love you <3

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