Monday, 7 April 2014

Midget Submarine 5 Track Sampler & Drummer Advert

This Jozi band is looking for a new drummer + They have a 5 song sampler posted on We Did This.

Living in Randburg now. Richard (bass) and Neil (guitar) grew up together in Mondeor. They both went to Mondeor Primary and High school and played in a band after leaving school. Richard did the marriage thing for many years and then realized he missed his guitar too much .. Neil had been pounding the tool of his trade... ha ha... his Tokai breezy sound, all this time and they reunited in a burst of frenetic enthusiasm in 2012 with Richard providing most of the licks and Neil posting the words .. their first video has been scripted for filming by high seas productions 'days that have u in them' and the loss of their drummer is, hopefully, just a minor set back as they have another 8 songs ready for recording.

Drummers please call 084 586 8877.

- Midget Submarine

Download or stream their 5 track sampler

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