Friday, 4 August 2017

Hasten the Storm

Some crusty hate city punk (circa 2007) from the bands first recording session. Previously unreleased.

A downloadable version will be placed on as the source of these recordings were digitally encoded as mp4 files and conversion to wav or flac files for this website will involve a lot of audio quality loss when later downloaded and converted a second time as mp3. - HERE

Recorded by Johnny Way.
Hasten the Storm were Jonathan, Rob and Pat.
Later the line up changed to Rob, Rodan, Ryan H and Pat.
The cover photo was taken at London Calling in Jozi on 16/Feb/2007

Track List:
1. Cul-de-sac 02:40
2. The Halloway Song 03:22
3. Meat is Suicide 02:47
4. The Jock Song (Stop the Jock Invasion) 01:47
5. Treated Like an Animal 03:31

Post by: Shaun Richards

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