Friday, 8 September 2017

Music By PTA Skate Punx No Comply!

So there was a show in Pretoria that Monday Morning Justice were playing that i was supposed to attend but for some reason never did. I would soon regret not having gone due to receiving a message from Conley saying that the show was a blast and that some local band from Pretoria had busted out a flawless version of Waiting Room by Fugazi... Now this is surprising on many levels that would take far too long to explain... Now while No Comply have some interesting twists and turns for your average skate punk band they do fall into a very common trend for local bands, that of naming the band by a name already used by a band or bands overseas and often by bands/a band in the same genre of music. This always makes me wonder if the frequency of this phenomena is due to: a) South Africans reluctance to google? b) Our slow internet speeds and high data rates? Or c) That we think that people in other countries can not own band names and that Americans especially can go get fucked...?

Anyway... all jokes aside, No Comply kick up some groovy jams and we have uploaded their first two EPs for your smelly ear holes.



Post by: Shaun Richards

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