Friday, 22 September 2017

Some Glitched Footage Of The Final Touched By Nausea Show

TBN played a final show on April 21, 2017 at The Bohemian in Johannesburg. It was a final farewell to possibly the longest running crust punk band in South African music history. This show came promptly after opening for Leftover Crack, on their SA tour, and laying down a final album of songs at Atomic Garden Studios. This show featured once off live performances of some of the songs to be featured on this new album. Release for the album should be later this year or early 2018. I tried to film the show but the camera was glitching and crashing. Realizing that the piece of technology was waging its final stand against its meat sack overlords... I gave up on filming and ate some vegan pizza. 

Show information was as follows:

The time has come for TBN to call it a day. Brian & Grant are immigrating this year and the band has decided to finish on a good note by having 1 last gig. TBN are finishing up the recording of their first full length album and it promises to capture their latest and greatest songs. 

It has been a long road of 12 years with 2 international tours (Europe and South East Asia), gigs and recordings. TBN have met a lot of awesome people along the way and in their own town. TBN have played gigs in library halls, house parties, squats, rehearsal spaces, warehouses, festivals and local bars.
TBN thank all the people who watched them, bought a shirt, listened to their music, organised gigs, helped with equipment, bands they’ve played with, filled in the absence of members, transported them, gave them a meal or gave them a place to stay.

The Line Up:
09:00: Mutually Assured Destruction
09:45: Noxious Terrorstrike
10:30: Corax
11:15: Touched By Nausea

No cover charge!

Post by: Shaun Richards

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