Thursday, 23 November 2017

Interview: The Pissups from Cape Town.

The Pissups are a fairly new melodic punk band from Cape Town. A more garage rock, striped down mutant love child from the likes of Alkaline Trio, The Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music. The type of shit that orgcore kids on would lose their shit over if only The Pissups were based in America, played all ages shows, and were posted on the site...
They have an EP out. It is pretty good...

Why don't we start by talking a little about yourselves, tell us how the band started and how you first got into punk.

Aidan: The band started after a realisation that punk needs to take over the airwaves. What are we doing if we're not playing punk? The first album I ever got was Ixnay on the Hombre, nothing else mattered after that.

Who is the best drinker in band? And to follow that, who is the worst drinker?

Aidan: Probably Marc, he acts like Windhoek is water, but he can't handle big boy drinks. Matt's a lightweight and his eyes go small, and I am a subtle alcoholic. We're all the worst really. 

Who in the band is the most punk?

Aidan: To us, punk is more about how you perceive things, and react to certain situations, we all share a similar view point on things and hate most things equally.

Is Cape Town, like Johannesburg, an aging music scene?

Aidan: Punk will always be alive for those who keep it alive. There are still sick punk bands giving it horns in CT. It's there if you look for it. 

What's your song writing process?

Aidan: Generally a riff is written and we come together to build on that one idea. Then in like 3 hours we have a new banger. 

Previous bands or other music projects?

Aidan: Plenty. Most are unknown. Marc and I played in some terrible metal bands, as well as some young punk bands around CT. Marc probably enjoyed the most success with the Boombox Troopers. Matt's a band virgin.

Since you can't make money off music, generally the opposite, what do you guys do to like live and shit?

Aidan: We're all pretty much slaves to the system. Marc's a developer, and Matt and I are both writers. It pays for the broken drum heads and strings. 

How often do you try to play and do you have any plans to tour?

Aidan: We haven't done much gigging lately, but we get new material out pretty often. A new album is coming in January, and with that hopefully a local tour to Joburg and plenty of shows around Cape Town.

Ok. last question...
Is punk political, emotional, and does it sound however the fuck you want it to sound? Yes or No.

Aidan: Punk is punk...

Ok...  last last question. What is your favorite song on the new ep?

Aidan: We all are pretty swayed with Humdrum being our favourite. It’s got a ton of energy and is just super fun to play in general

Questions by: Shaun Richards

Marc play drums, Aidan plays guitar and sings and Matt plays bass and sings. Matt and Aidan alternate between lead and back up vocals.

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