Monday, 11 December 2017

Some video from Punk F*@k Stay Home [SEP 17, 2017] DIY punk in Soweto!

So above is a collection of some video we managed to get of Punk F*@k Stay Home, mostly thanks to Kelvin Kapp from No Comply.

The Soweto Rock Revolution show are D.I.Y all ages shows that are booked in houses, alleyways, and skate parks in Soweto. They are by far the most interesting punk shows in the Johannesburg area of late. The larger punk rock community for many years now have almost exclusively been booking over 18 shows at the ever decreasing number of live venue bars around the country. This has seen smaller and smaller shows with less and less interest. Gone are the days, circa 2000 - 2010, of new bands popping up from kids in high school that make you wish you could play better, or bands booking shows in big community center halls with kids packed in so tight that the circle pit hits the walls. Gone are the days of looking around to see people excited to be involved and a sense of something special happening that you were lucky to be a part of or to have even known existed. Kids making zines and cds. Kids picking up instruments and shouting their mouths off. For years now the majority of shows have felt like a dying gasp for air; a prayer to be the tolerable backing track for the disinterested to mildly amused's Good Night Out. But... something is alive and screaming in Soweto...

Post by: Shaun Richards

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