Friday, 1 December 2017

The Deadly Bites EP & Interview.

Johannesburg's psychedelic garage rock outfit The Deadly Bites have a new 6 track EP out that was recorded at Atomic Garden Studios and released this October. It is a follow up from a two track release early last year. We will attach / link both releases below, but first we have a short interview with vocalist and guitarist Dean Hibbert. [ cue applause ]

What sort of music does The Deadly Bites seek to create and release?

Dean: We set out to do a garage, surf, psychedelic sort of thing, but ultimately we will do whatever we want to do. It's kind of cool not trying to be a genre band and just freely associating influences. If we decide that opera is our thing I suppose we will go in that direction, but it's always gonna be groovy and badass.

What was the motivation behind starting the band?

Dean: Elio and Valentino had started up The Deadly Bites before I joined. They saw me playing guitar drunk at a party and thought that I would make a great singer. Luckily at my audition there was only a shitty sing star microphone to hide my shitty voice and I got the part. We stuck together because we share a common music taste and love for writing music together.

Best shows to date?

Dean: Best shows to date have definitely been the Psyche Night shows. The ones in Joburg, Stellenbosch (Psychedelic Jukebox) and at Endless Daze Festival. It's just great when gigs are well organized and promoted. I mean all of gigs are memorable for different reasons... Sometimes we totally tank, strings break or we have a few too many to drink, but you always gotta give it your all whether you are playing to three people or a whole crowd.

How was recording your latest release?

Dean: For this particular EP we really wanted it to have a raw, energetic, live sound to it and I knew Conley at Atomic Garden Studios would be just the right person for the job. There was still a fair amount of experimental post work done to it, but we got the sort of sound we were going for. Recording is sort of like archiving the work that you have done so that you can move on with writing new stuff. The next stop is trying to write and record a full album. There is some serious work to be done but we are all up for the challenge.

Dean with TBN you did some European and Asian tours. Do The Deadly Bites have plans for an overseas tour?

Dean: Now that we have our new EP finished and out of the way, the question of where and how to tour is at the top of our minds. Europe, America, or Australia would be insane and definitely something we are trying to figure out for the future. In the near future I think we have to do Durban and hopefully Réunion Islands. I think the band is about to undergo some changes that I can't talk about just yet, but I think we will be up and running as a gigging band by March next year.

Questions by: Shaun Richards

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