Wednesday, 7 February 2018

10th March: All Age Show at Thrashers Skate Park, PTA

Mr Conley has been up to stuff. He is a good boy. As a result there is an all ages show happening in PTA march 10th. All ages shows are very few and far between nowadays so COME DOG FUCKING DAMN IT!!! You fucking fucks need to understand that youtube and netflix will not save you! There is no god and your primitive monkey asses gotta run around in a circle and lose your shoes like the homo sapiens did back in my day... BECAUSE REASONS!

"My friends ain't all that bad. We play all ages shows and we'll start on time if you decide to go"... - Bomb The Music Industry

...Oh look! Show info and mutterings below!

We Did This Records and Thrashers Skatepark present this thing that is happening. The Soweto Skate Society are going to be doing cool things (AKA a skate demo)... that is if you believe in a concept like "cool things" and have not been beaten down by life so much that "cool things" are nothing but childhood delusions and painful lies... I'm fine... really.

The skate park opens normal time and the demo will kick of at 14:00. It will go on, and of, throughout the day and to keep the skaters / non skaters minds out of the dark and scary places we will have people playing guitars at an above average tempo... which if non of you have realized should be the actual dictionary definition of awesome... after the show, and in the absence of above average tempo guitars, I recommend doing as little work as possible and watching Ren and Stimpy till you die...

Noise by The Slashdogs, Misled, Monday Morning Justice, TCIYF, Slippery When Wet, and All These Wasted Nuts.

Tickets at the door :
Under 18's R50
Over 18's R80
Over 18's with cooler R100

Merch will be available

Post by: Shaun Richards

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