Thursday, 8 March 2018

Long Way Down by The Pissups

So The Pissups from Cape Town, who are quickly becoming one of my favorite local bands, have just released their second album. It's a mix of gruff and shouty melodic punk with hardcore undertones that sounds at times like a blending of bands like Hot Water Music, (later) Propagandhi, The Menzingers, and skate punk like Pennywise but at mid tempo. There are also some parts that have traces of Motörhead and well LISTEN TO THE ALBUM! I'm writing this after 3 or 4 run-throughs... The lyrics seem to constitute a themed album of existential and nihilistic anthems about drinking, self destruction, and being out of control or lost... but contrasting this the delivery has utmost purpose and direction. It is quite a change from the previous album were the songs were much more different in topic from one another. This time round the songs tend to self reference each other and kinda weave into one big lyrical hair ball. The final song which is basically the title track, simply called Down, is a beautiful catchy song of resignation and acceptance that ends the whole thing off at an apex. The vocals are raw and whip you up in the current just as much as the drums and guitars. An all round musically solid album that is a must listen to especially if you find yourself clustered into the "local punk is totally shit" bin.

Favourite tracks (in no real order because i am struggling to pick): On the Road, Several Terrible Ideas, One Way Bus, Asylum Fight Night, and Down.

Favourite line: "I’ll never arrive, and you’ll never depart" from On the Run.

The recording and production reminds me of Pup albums for some reason.

Post by: Shaun Richards

"I definitely feel they are more along the lines of Only Crime the way they would hold a more hardcore verse and then explode into a full on melodic chorus and the vocals have an undeniably Russ from Good Riddance feel to it but I can definitely see how being a three piece tremendously influenced the band's sound with the absence of overdubs on the record it is the pure old fashioned rawness of friendship intertwining with creativity"
Conley William Annandale

Long Way Down
released March 5, 2018

Recorded, Produced:
Devon Martindale

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