Sunday, 23 December 2012

Savage Lucy - Verstaan?

Savage Lucy is the musical outlet for three Joburg mavericks: Austen Lewis on guitar, Levi Thole on drums and Richard Becker on bass. Nobody sings.

They got together in April 2011, hell-bent on taking the sounds in their heads and turning them into a live act with blistering energy. This they did, and continue to do.

Rooted in post/progressive metal, psychedelic rock, blues and jazz, they play a complicated, seemingly spontaneous freeform of dynamic, shifting moods, melodic phrasing and eccentric rhythms, shadowed by darkly textured breakdowns and emotive, erotic soundscapes. But words are not their thing, so nothing quite describes them.

Savage Lucy won the Emerging Sounds Battle of the Bands competition in 2011 with a performance that blew the entire venue away. Since then they’ve played across Jozi and Pretoria, bringing the noise to The Bohemian, Tanz Cafe, Rumours Lounge, The Black Dahlia and Shivas Rock, sharing the stage with the likes of Cortina Whiplash, The Great Apes, Mazaru, Eyes Like Mirrors, Hokum, New Earth, Apollo Seven and Knave.

In June 2012 the trio released a demo recorded with producer Dave Houston at Emendy Studios in Hatfield Pretoria, available on Reverbnation and Soundcloud. From here it’s on to the studio for a full-length album with esteemed sound engineer Steve Grenfell.

And they’ll always be gigging, so listen out for a Savage Lucy show, and go feel one of their totally atypical, utterly astounding performances.

Savage Lucy - Verstaan?

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