Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Cat In The Gears by All These Wasted Nuts

A Cat In The Gears is a short burst of folk, punk and anti-folk. A sad, lonely, out of place, apathetic attempt at a "fuck the system" with a hint of misanthropy and the phenomenon of white male privileged 3rd world working class despair.

Recorded at Atomic Garden Studios in Middelburg Mpumalanga with:
Christina Papakyriacou - Melodica, vocals
Conley William Annandale - Bass, vocals, box drum
Shaun Richards - Guitar, Vocals, kazoo
Pieter Reyneke & Zane Boenk - extra backing vocals

Released 25 June 2014

"Listened to this album while drinking my breakfast beer and it was good. Short, concise, catchy folk punk, some thoughtful lyrics. I'm not a folk or a punk but I liked it and I don't like much. Download it." - Zaid Spade 

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