Monday, 8 September 2014

DisCovering Incarnation EP (2006) by Misled

We have been itching to announce the addition of the Misled catalogue to We Did This! We kick it off with an upload of the DisCovering Incarnation EP originally released in 2006 courtesy of Sheer sound and Red Ambulance Records.

The band has toured SA extensively, performed at most major festivals, completed a German Tour under Roadshock management (Sept 2006), and performed at Popkomm (Berlin) representing South Africa and endorsed by SAMEX (The South African Music Export Council). 

MiSLeD’s first release (a 13 track self titled DIY LP) hit the underground in early 2003 and represented the unrefined sound of the band. The record was released without ceremony and little was done to promote it. The next year and a half was spent writing and developing the pre-existing sound, and in June 2005, MiSLeD released their first official album: ‘The Demeaning Of Life’ recorded at Be Sharp Studios with engineering legend JP De Stefani behind the desk.

The album was released by indie label "Red Ambulance" (Along with acts such as Fuzigish, the Diesel whores, Half Price, and Japan and I) and in 2006 they followed up with their 7 track EP ‘DisCovering Incarnation’ which was widely distributed by Sheer Sound, along with the music video for the by no means radio friendly track 'Words that pave your way' (We even managed to get it played on E-TV's morning live breakfast show, although they cut it short soon after the screaming began). Ironically it was this unexpected success that almost destroyed MiSLeD...

By early 2007 the band was playing 7 gigs a month and it had started to feel more like a job than a passion project. More and more pressure was being put on the band to become a viable way to pay the bills, which just wasn't happening despite our sincerest efforts. Gradually frustration within the band rose and we lost sight of what our band was created for (namely as a creative outlet for four friends to share). As a result MiSLeD disbanded for a year until mid 2008 when we finally came to recognize this mistake and decided to return to our roots of playing for the sake of having a good time.

After a few rehearsals the band started working on new material straight away and in 2009 released the "Only the Blind can taste" EP. Two new music videos were shot and released shortly thereafter.

MiSLeD resumed gigging but the primary focus has become writing and recording new songs which culminated in the release of the 17 track album "Only the Deaf are Safe" in 2012.

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