Thursday, 17 March 2016

So Misled Has A New Album Out And It Is Acoustic!

I was going to say that Facebook is responsible for the lack of content here but on second thought that would be untrue. I also forget to make posts on Facebook and then wonder why nobody shows up to shows or knows something is out... I will try to be better but there is no point in anyone holding their breath...

I was up all night making the flyer for the PTA launch show for the new Misled album, that is an acoustic release that compliments the previous albums pretty well, and remembered that this blog exists. Looking at this blog is quite anxiety inducing and it may as well have bold red letters shouting UPDATE ME!!! sprawled across it. Pushing those to the side however lets just talk about this new album and the two launch shows currently booked.

The new Misled release is an interesting result of the groups loss of a drummer and subsequent frustrations in search for a replacement. Adding a whole other dimension to the group this release is pretty exciting. The album name is Rolling Blackout and you can pick it up or stream it from out download page HERE!

The first show is the Pretoria leg on 9th April at Railways Cafe PTA, with support from ATWN.

Address: 2 Hack Road, Centurion, Gauteng. Show start: 21:00. Damage: R30.

The second one is April 16 at the Boh, with support from The Moths, The Deaf Commission, and All These Wasted Nuts (again)


Address: 167 Perth Road Westdene, Johannesburg, Show start: 7pm. Damage: R40.
***Better yet buy the new album for R100 and Misled will pay your cover charge***

Albums will be on sale both shows and Hugs are free of course. You can also again download the album from We Did This Records for free or a donation.

There are twelve tracks on the album.

See you all next time I venture back here...

- Shaun

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