Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Electric Dreams [Full EP] by All These Wasted Nuts

So on December 6, 2018 we uploaded the Electric Dreams EP by All These Wasted Nuts. The songs are all dated. Most of the recording was done in 2015 and the song Occupy Cape Town was originally written for Sloppy Folk circa 2012. Electric Dreams is an adventure away from the guitar and washboard setup that ATWN is known for and features six noisy political punk rock tracks.

The cover is based off of a Crass records design and is considered by the band to be an anarchist punk record... even though it's listed on under Non-punk Anarchist Music...

Recorded in Middleburg (Mpumalanga) @ AtomicGarden Studios

Tracks & Notes:

1. The Price Of Bread /
      Politics Of The Apocalypse** 00:53
2. Xenophobic Dystopia 02:11
3. I Benefited From Apartheid* 01:12
4. insert 02:01
5. Occupy Cape Town 02:25
6. Noisy Song 04:13

* “Nqobile Nzuza a 17 year old girl, a grade 9 learner at Bonella High School and an Abahlali baseMjondolo supporter was gunned down at around 5:00 a.m. this morning. Nqobile was shot twice from behind with live ammunition. Luleka Makhwenkwana was also shot in her arm with live ammunition and she is in King Edward Hospital. Thulisile Zide fainted and went unconscious, she is also in hospital. This is shoot to kill policing. This is the crackdown that the police and politicians promised on protests. This is policing that is willing to murder to suppress the struggle for real justice and real freedom. This is policing that is used to oppress the people in the interests of the ruling party… ANC members openly threaten us with death and the police never act against them… The police are claiming that they had to shoot with live ammunition to save their lives. This is a simple lie. We note that some media are repotting the police statement on this matter as if it is the truth. We would like to remind the media that the police in Durban have a long history of lying. Remember Marikana! Remember how they lied about the attack on our movement in the Kennedy Road settlement in 2009! Remember how in 2006 they lied and said that they had shot Monica Ngcobo, a 19 year old woman, in the stomach with rubber bullet at a protest in Umlazi and yet the autopsy showed that she was shot in the chest with a shotgun. We have exposed police lies in court on many occasions. We will expose today’s lies in court too. The police are not to be trusted.” - Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement, 30 September 2013

** ”No War But The Class War (NWBTCW) is a motto expressing opposition to capitalism used by anarchist and communist groups.[1] It is also the name for a number of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist groups… As a slogan, "No War But The Class War" has been used by people not necessarily linked to any of the above groups. It is widely used by diverse Marxist groups as a means of underlining the priority of class struggle above other political aims and as a general anti-militarist slogan.” - wikipedia

Ignoring the "above other political aims" part, I feel the word "priority" can and should hold more nuance as it does have a plural form. Someone can understand the importance of something and have that help inform their actions without having it dictate a hierarchy. This song, by intention, aims at alluding to the necessity of divorcing struggles from neo-liberal politics... This song does not intend any delegitimisation of struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism, speciesism, and so on. - Shaun

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