Thursday, 15 February 2018

Speedofest 5 - Banana Havoc - Feb 17 · Rumours Rock City · Randburg

"In support of PETS JHB - Pet Empowerment in Townships, we're aiming to raise money to assist with clearing some of their vet bills."

We'll be here with CDs and Stickers.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Skankin' at Nelson Mandela University by Undead Generation

So Undead Generation have two new ska songs out. Is the band going to be moving in a more ska direction from this point?

Roscoe: Undead Generation has always been playing a little bit of ska and reggae fusion, but I guess with the addition of new members who are mostly music students as well as a trombonist, and soon hopefully a trumpeter, the ska and ska punk stuff just seems to flow more easily and almost comes naturally. Half of the music being composed became increasingly melodic and contrasted nicely  with the hardcore and more speedy thrash stuff we do. Also, after the passing of George Bacon from Hog Hoggidy Hog, myself and Dean Saunders (lead guitar and backup vocals) began taking great influence from the legacy left behind by their music. Most of our members are studying music or music technology and we listen to very contrasting types of music, so the focus may be on punk overall, but many other styles and sounds are also thrown into the mix over time, including hip hop (or rapcore), and even jazz.

How is the music scene in Port Elizabeth? For years now you folks have been the only punk band in the area as far as I know.

Roscoe: The music scene in PE is very much alive and well, filled with brilliant artists mostly performing folk, pop, hip hop, singer-songwriter type stuff, grunge/rock, and various subgenres of metal. There is so much undiscovered talent here, it's actually incredible. We are, however, the only punk band as far as I know, and we have been for quite a while. There was a pop punk band a few years back that played regularly but otherwise its just us flying the safety pinned flag for now. We're hoping that some new ska, punk, and hardcore bands start appearing at some point soon.

Any plans for shows outside of PE this year?

Roscoe: We mostly perform a lot in PE, and just outside of PE in places like Grahamstown, and we've played in Despatch and Falcon Rock, but so far we have yet to embark on a full national tour. We're hoping to organize a tour to Cape Town this year, performing at various venues for a whole week. It's just so kak that we're all so busy all the time. Like, most of us have full-time jobs to get us by or help pay for our part time studies, or we're studying full time. A few of us in the band are also involved in various charities and activism which is also very time consuming. I guess with a bit of improved time management and sacrifice, we could pull off the tours we want to do and actually bring our music to others outside of our small coastal hometown. But regardless, we're super keen to bring some love to the SA scene and abroad in the near future!

Questions by: Shaun Richards

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

10th March: All Age Show at Thrashers Skate Park, PTA

Mr Conley has been up to stuff. He is a good boy. As a result there is an all ages show happening in PTA march 10th. All ages shows are very few and far between nowadays so COME DOG FUCKING DAMN IT!!! You fucking fucks need to understand that youtube and netflix will not save you! There is no god and your primitive monkey asses gotta run around in a circle and lose your shoes like the homo sapiens did back in my day... BECAUSE REASONS!

"My friends ain't all that bad. We play all ages shows and we'll start on time if you decide to go"... - Bomb The Music Industry

...Oh look! Show info and mutterings below!

We Did This Records and Thrashers Skatepark present this thing that is happening. The Soweto Skate Society are going to be doing cool things (AKA a skate demo)... that is if you believe in a concept like "cool things" and have not been beaten down by life so much that "cool things" are nothing but childhood delusions and painful lies... I'm fine... really.

The skate park opens normal time and the demo will kick of at 14:00. It will go on, and of, throughout the day and to keep the skaters / non skaters minds out of the dark and scary places we will have people playing guitars at an above average tempo... which if non of you have realized should be the actual dictionary definition of awesome... after the show, and in the absence of above average tempo guitars, I recommend doing as little work as possible and watching Ren and Stimpy till you die...

Noise by The Slashdogs, Misled, Monday Morning Justice, TCIYF, Slippery When Wet, and All These Wasted Nuts.

Tickets at the door :
Under 18's R50
Over 18's R80
Over 18's with cooler R100

Merch will be available

Post by: Shaun Richards

Thursday, 1 February 2018

2nd Feb: Free Show at New Moon Pub

Klumbsy Oxx:
  Wonky Punk madness
Double Sun:
  Trippy rock possibilities
Caution Boy:
  grungy rock punk
  garage noise punk

FREE Show!

Makeovers first gig this year in SA after extensive touring.

Friday, Feb 2, starts at 8 PM
New Moon Pub: Corner of 33rd Avenue & Nico Smith Street, 0186 Pretoria

Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Half Price Discography...

Been a bit slow on the uptake. December past, those dirty bastards from Cape Town, Half Price uploaded their discography to the interwebs.

Good morning folks, great news! We have just uploaded the entire HP discography to bandcamp, including album art and all our crazy lyrics, check out taking life seriously, bush bin laden and my moms 0, banned, programmed to party, the monotony of monogamy and Straight outta South Africa. 17 years of PUNK ROCK from Cape Town South Africa :)

- Half Price, December 21, 2017

Skatepark Classics by No Comply

So I made a post a little while ago about a band from Pretoria who bust out a gnarly cover of Waiting Room, and we also put two EPs of theirs on our bandcamp page, but now I present to you audio proof of my Waiting Room claims!

On the 3rd of Jan No Comply dropped a new EP. This time it's an EP of cover songs from Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Fugazi & Black Flag. Check it out. They do a mighty fine job.

Post by: Shaun Richards

Monday, 11 December 2017

Some video from Punk F*@k Stay Home [SEP 17, 2017] DIY punk in Soweto!

So above is a collection of some video we managed to get of Punk F*@k Stay Home, mostly thanks to Kelvin Kapp from No Comply.

The Soweto Rock Revolution show are D.I.Y all ages shows that are booked in houses, alleyways, and skate parks in Soweto. They are by far the most interesting punk shows in the Johannesburg area of late. The larger punk rock community for many years now have almost exclusively been booking over 18 shows at the ever decreasing number of live venue bars around the country. This has seen smaller and smaller shows with less and less interest. Gone are the days, circa 2000 - 2010, of new bands popping up from kids in high school that make you wish you could play better, or bands booking shows in big community center halls with kids packed in so tight that the circle pit hits the walls. Gone are the days of looking around to see people excited to be involved and a sense of something special happening that you were lucky to be a part of or to have even known existed. Kids making zines and cds. Kids picking up instruments and shouting their mouths off. For years now the majority of shows have felt like a dying gasp for air; a prayer to be the tolerable backing track for the disinterested to mildly amused's Good Night Out. But... something is alive and screaming in Soweto...

Post by: Shaun Richards