Friday, 12 July 2019

We Did This Records Mixtape 2019!!!

So we skipped 2018... we also skipped 2016... this may unintentionally become an every second year thing due to the fact that productivity is troublesome. Here is Mr Conley William Annandale (CW CHRIST / DJ NON THREATENING) giving away our ages... "Growing up in a small town I had few options of getting music. My favorite was buying any local alternative magazine coupled with a mix COMPILATION CD. This changed my life forever. Something as magical as music became tangible and got me to witness my first local show and the rest is history."

Tracks include:

1. Hated Related - Self Resentment Blues

2. Shameless Band - Impicabadala

3. Cortina Whiplash - Fun Tunnel (live at Arcangelmusic)

4. The Shabs - Can You Hear Us At The Back

5. Monday Morning Justice - Legacy of shame

6. All These Wasted Nuts - Noisy Song

7. return to worm mountain - return to worm mountain

8. The Meerkat Mob - The Last Postcard from Suburbia

9. DevilSpeak - Internal Shrapnel

10. laserchrist - What's the Use? (Based in England from Durban, South Africa)

11. The Pissups - One Way Bus

12. Sloppy Folk - Chaos Hold

13. Apocalypse Later - Happy

14. Deadly Bites - Monster

15. The Bad Ass Execs - Its a Bad Time

16. MOUSE - Electric Face

17. Taekwondo Sleepover - FLOAT

18. Caution Boy - Mysterious blood

19. Make-Overs - Let's See (if it sticks)


21. The Medicine Dolls - A Conscript Aiming To Miss

22. Crumbs - Weary Woes

23. Jon Shaban - Place That I Belong

24. Rambling Bones - 60 Hours

25. Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Past The Facade

26. Cami Scoundrel - Hollywood Demo

27. Misled - Why are you still here?

28. Swatting Bats - Easy Targets


30. Undead Generation - We're The Youth

31. Weed Dealer - Wasting Your Time

32. Pollinator - Beige

33. Goat Throne - Goat of Misery

34. Write Off - The World Is Going To End


36. Mad God - The Crawling Chaos

37. No Comply - Die On This Planet

38. Part-Time Pirates - Prevail

39. Slippery When Wet - Dealer Principle

40. Klumbsy Oxx - Kung Fu That Flu

41. Fake-bit PoZeurs - Opposition Everything

42. Bombaby - Techno Gimp

43. Her Stems Spiral - Sobbed The Swaying Spirit, "May I Have This Last Dance?"

44. follow me follow you - Once Upon a Forest

45. Tale of the Son - 31:7:18:i:T2 (improvised track)

46. Jessica Freedom - I Dream Of A Heaven

47. Taryn Mansfield - Down

48. Wolfgang Marrow - Credit Card Kids

49. Jon Shaban (featuring Jay Bones and Alex Muller) - We Did This

The following are a few tracks from some overseas bands who have toured here with us. The Dumpies being a really rad band from Texas coming round FEB/MARCH next year!

50. A Reptile Dysfunction - Six Beers Down

51. Yer Mudder - Call The Hotline

52. Blame Thrower - Best Friend

53. The Dumpies - Icewall

54. Leftöver Crack - Don't Shoot

>> <<

Thursday, 11 July 2019

We Did This Records Presents: The Dumpies from Austin, Texas!

The Dumpies, from Austin, Texas, blend energetic Ramones style punk rock with splashes of hardcore and garage rock. Since the start of 2017 they have released four impressive records named after athletes. The latest being named after the South African runner Zola Budd. Between February 25th and March 11th 2020 (My mind can't properly process the year...) The Dumpies will be hitting up shows around South Africa. Get amped!

We will post the show dates soon! The following is a short interview with the band!

The latest album is named Zola Budd, after a South African Olympic runner. What's the story behind the name?

Dumpies: To us Dumpies, the real test of life, the rubric we measure ourselves by, is our failures. It's about fucking up, making mistakes, hurting people you love, especially when it involves your heroes. You take responsibility, you accept, you learn. The figure of Zola Budd represents how messy and tragic and complicated shit can be, and how it's important to make mistakes and keep moving. Plus she ran barefoot, which is pretty badass.

What are some of your hopes regarding touring South African, end of Feb / early March, next year?

Dumpies: Touring has always been an opportunity to interact and share artistically culturally and socially with people we would otherwise have never met. After traveling and playing music in Chile, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia we wanted to push that to another culture and continent. South Africa in particular seems like such a deeply complex and layered place - the intense mix of so many cultures and environments and histories all interacting with each other. We mostly want to come and learn and soak things up and meet new friends and lift each other up and party together. Like Youth Bridge sang in ’Sink With Kalifornia’…..“I don’t care if you’re from North, South, East or West, I live for humanity, forget the rest.”

How is the scene in Austin, Texas?

Dumpies: The scene in Austin has issues, but is ultimately solid. The best shows still happen under bridges and in illegal spaces. There is a lot of bullshit music in Austin, because of things like SXSW. But there is still a super tightknit community of folks around—bands like Army, Mujeres Podridas, Body Pressue, and labels like ihateiskate really help keep things alive in this city. Our singer and guitarist live in Austin and our Bassist and Drummer live in Oregon, so we don't get to play locally much as we want to.

What draws you to playing in a punk band?

Dumpies: We’ve all been doing it for so long it’s basically second nature to us at this point, like blinking our eyes or taking a shit. I’m not sure any of us would know what to do if we weren’t doing this. Punk is a collage. It can be anything. It’s not how you dress or the bands you listen to or your job or lack of or anything. It’s an attitude of embracing and releasing at the same time. Be open to embrace other cultures scenes and people. Be able to release your energy and artistic output without judgement or inhibition. It’s a mindset, a thread that runs through all fabric of your life and what you do.

I get a strong Recess Records feel from the band. What do you all think of bands like Fleshies and Toys That Kill (F.Y.P)?

Dumpies: Hovercraft Records (home of the Dumpies and run by Mark and Tim) was started in the spirit of Recess Records. Todd Congelliere has been putting out loud energetic snarky music of his own and his friends unchanging to any trends and doing it really well year after year. FYP is one of our favorite bands - from the old albums like Dance My Dunce to the latest album from Toys That Kill all that stuff is inspirational and just delivers (Sacia said that the Dumpies song ‘Witch Love’ sounds like Tim ripped the bass line off of ‘Toss My Cookies’ but he disagrees) Fleshies too! That scrappy Oakland early 00’s sound that Jello put out on Alternative Tentacles and then picked up on Recess Records fits grooves and inspires us too. We were never cool enough to see The Fleshies live but the videos look like we definitely missed a spectacle, though I think Joel could give John a run for inspired lyrical gymnastics. And at a Underground Railroad to Candyland show 8 years ago in Portland, a drunken Tim ran up to Todd C. —  took off his shirt to show him his FYP tattoo on his chest — and yelled some rambling acclamations —  only to have Todd look at the ground and shirk off into a corner to avoid the maniac.

Questions by: Shaun

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Depressive Repulsive by Hated Related

"Ever since their ‘Caffiene Diet’ EP in 2016, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Durban’s Brit-indie inspired garage punk band, Hated Related. You see, I really fucking enjoy bands like The Cribs and The Libertines and it was very clear that so did Hated Related. With their latest EP, ‘Depressive Repulsive’, that’s still apparent, but with Ali Heath (HOURS, City Bowl Mizers) now joining Barron Harley and Andrew Groenewald, Hated Related have a distinctly 90’s Dischord Records influence to their sound.

Depressive Repulsive’ sounds like an amalgamation of 90’s emo/post hardcore and early 2000s British Indie, which are 2 of my favourite eras in rock music, so, naturally, I’m a fan."
- Bob Perfect

Depressive Repulsive was released April 16, 2019 and is now up on the We Did This Records Bandcamp page. Stay tuned for a interview with Barron Harley following this paragraph!

Tell us about the sound change on the new album and if there is a story behind the band name.

Barron: I think the sound on the new album was pretty unintentional, some of the songs were ones I'd been working on while I was in the UK, so when I got back I was super excited to get them recorded. Ali had just joined the band and I think he brought a lot of fresh energy to the whole deal. A big part of the sound I'd say comes from Andy's production, which I'm a big fan of.

As far as the name goes, our friend Lyle Greer came up with it one night at the house and I was just like "Hey! I like that". I still do.

When did the band start and how are things with the Durban scene lately?

Barron: Andy (Groenewald) and I have been playing music together since I was fourteen, but we really got going with Hated Related in around 2016. That was when my friend Clint was still playing bass for us. We started playing music together again when I moved back from the UK in 2018, that's when Ali took over on bass.

Durban's awesome. We don't have a lot of venues for alternative music but there's places popping up all the time, and the ones we do have are amazing. The scenes always changing and expanding and I think that's really cool.

I love the addition of the acoustic track at the end. What was the motivation behind that?

Barron: We almost didn't add that! It was just a little tune I had just finished as we were wrapping up recording the EP, so I showed it to Andy and we just recorded it live in the bandroom, Andy played the lead parts on there.

Outside of Hated Related how goes the "8 - 5 peasant endurance race"?

Barron: Things are good! I think we all agree that the more fun band stuff that we do, the more we want to do, and the harder the 9-5's get. But ultimately we're stoked to be able to work and still get to jam and have fun fairly often. Still though, work sucks!

Questions by: Shaun

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

We talked to some Goats about the newly released Blood for the Blood Goat album by Goat Throne! Here is what they had to say!

So the mighty Goat Throne has recently dropped a new 7 track album! How many Goats could or are possibly dancing on the metaphorical play head of this new record?

Goats: We reckon about 666.

Is the Goat Throne a sit spot for a specific Goat or all Goats? Are we creating a Goat hierarchy here?

Goats: We are definitely trying to bring about Goat-Apocalypse now. We need equality for all Goats, and no more people.

How many Goats could a Goat Throne throne if a Goat Throne could throne Goats?

Goats: Again, 666.

What is the composition, texture and taste of the Goat Throne? Also is it water resistant?

Goats: The throne exists in the heart of all Goats, so the texture is that of meat. (Soy/Seitan).

Is the Blood Goat a good boy/girl?

Goats: That question is redundant.

After World War 3 will Goats repopulate earth as the dominant species or do you think they will also go extinct?

Goats: We feel that world war 3 will be driven by Goats to reclaim their dominion over the earth. So Goats will win, and then we’ll get drunk.

Have you all considered having an album launch were you just play to Goats and all other humans are banned from attending?

Goats: By entering the perimeter line of any Goat Throne show you automatically reclassify as a Goat. So all our shows are to Goats only. It’s not segregation, it’s trans-speciesism.

Questions by: Shaun

★★★★★ "A Goattacular listening experience!" 
- The Dark Lord Herself

★★★★★ "Just the right amount of Goaty goodness!" 
- A Demon Possessed Bean Sprout

Get your Goat on below!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Special Attack! Album Launcher! 29 June @ Zoo Lake Bowls Club

Five live bands, for what was originally booked as a launch night for the new MMJ & Mislead split album, but, due to Mislead not being able to perform on the date, now re-purposed as a general launch / promo event for some new releases, and to hopefully get people hyped on the new We Did This Records mixtape coming out! (Tracks from the mixtape will be played between bands...)

"We Did This Records presents an act of catastrophic and indiscriminate low grade destruction. A last ditch effort to redirect the finishing blows of capital, and master the ancient mystic arts of marketing. Special Attack! Album Launcher! is an in canon installment where the tiny meat creature primates at We Did This Records attempt to sell you shit! A plot twist that will send you spinning! ...and a cliff hanger involving the fate of all worlds.

In consequence of the anarchic nature of particle attraction the following releases have been selected and highlighted:

- firstly, the newly released MMJ / Mislead split album -

- secondly, the recently mastered and uploaded ATWN EP - Electric Dreams -

- thirdly, the new Apocalypse Later single -

- fourthly, the new Mad God album dropped end of last year -

- fifthly, the latest record from Caution Boy -

In the spirit of mutual aid, and with devotion to the sacred air vibrations, the following live action demonstrations will be held:
(*In a safe and friendly environment ideal for carbon based lifeforms!)

- All These Wasted Nuts
- Apocalypse Later
- Caution Boy
- Mad God
- Monday Morning Justice

50 rand per life form
29 June
7pm till late @ Zoolake Bowls
(Zoo Lake, Prince of Wales Dr, 2196 Parkview, Gauteng, South Africa)"
- Text by Shaun (me) on the gross facebook event!

Monday, 27 May 2019

Come Get Some...The Chain EP by Weed Dealer

This Thursday Weed Dealer have their debut show with support from Goat Throne and Sex Tape (formerly Groucho). It's also their EP launch and there will be a bunch of merch on sale. We have dropped their EP onto the We Did This Records Bandcamp page for free streaming and download. Enter a "0" to grab the .mp3's or whichever file type you prefer.

"Weed Dealer are a 5-piece alternative punk band from South Africa. Songs about influencers, flakes, copycats, and addicts that will have you wheezing through green days and cruising by bay dreams.
Support your local Weed Dealer." - some stoner

20h30 - Weed Dealer
21h15 - SEXTAPE
22h00 - Goat Throne

R50 entrance

30 May @ Auckland Park Bowls Club
John Adamson Dr, Montgomery Park, 2195 Johannesburg

Monday, 20 May 2019

Grotesque and Inexorable by Mad God

In early November last year local Doom outfit Mad God released the cosmic horror of a second full length album. It even got an entry in Metal Hammer magazine. What follows is an interview with guitarist and vocalist Tim Harbour.

Conceptually and sonically speaking, what were the motivations for the album and do you feel that it
turned out how you wanted?

Tim: With the latest Mad God album we tried our best to create more interesting and heavier songs while still keeping the music doom at heart. We added a wider variety of influences and started blending more heavy metal and traditional metal into our sound. I feel like our latest album is definitely the best produced and most interesting of our releases, though our older album still seems to be doing better online. Conceptually the album was supposed to have darker themes and also touch on some local horror stories. Overall I think the album was a success in all those regards and we are excited to start thinking about our next one.

There is an experimental horror film also titled Mad God. Was this at all an influence on your band name?

Tim: I had never heard of the movie before I came up with the band name Mad God. The band name process is always a tough one and as a band we had been back and forth on a tonne of names. I started to think simpler and realised most of our earlier content was based on or heavily inspired by the work of H.P Lovecraft and I simply used the name Mad God as a reference to one of the deities from the Cthulhu mythos. I still need to give the Mad God movie a watch haha.

The new album art is a lot different from the previous ones which were quite brightly coloured. What was the influence behind it?

Tim: The album art directly relates to the darker themes and sound of the album. On the previous album our artist, Lyle Van’Dango, used the title of the album as inspiration for the artwork and I was very impressed with what he came up with, it was pretty much exactly what I wanted. With the latest album I gave him more direction telling him the themes of the album and mentioned I wanted some form of dark forest and supernatural elements and he just went with it. Again I was blown away with what he came up with. Lyle’s art has become as canon as the music itself and I can’t imagine doing an album without his artistic direction.

As far as I know the metal scene in Johannesburg is quite large, in comparison to our punk scene. Any bands you recommend we check out that may be of influence to you?

Tim: I have always been a huge fan of the local metal scene. I was a massive Architecture of Aggression fan when they were still around and almost never missed a gig of theirs. Bleeding Spawn is another amazing death metal act that I really enjoy though only a small bit of death metal influence is heard in our music. Juggernaut were a band that I saw before Mad God started and was so excited to hear that style of metal in this country, so that has always stuck in my mind and served as an inspiration for getting Mad God out there. After we formed I started to draw inspiration from the bands that also formed around or a bit before the same time. Ruff Majik and Goat Throne are some of the best examples along with acts such as STRAGE and Corax. More recently I have discovered the incredible MA-AT from Cape Town as well as Psykasm, both bands we played with recently on our trip to the cape. The biggest inspiration I get is from observing some of the hard working local musicians I see busting their ass to put on great shows on a regular basis.

What do we have to look forward to in the future from Mad God?

Tim: More music. We want to record and release a new album, hopefully this year. I’d love to do another music video as well as getting our older releases on vinyl. We have some tape releases coming out soon with our label Red Handed Records in the US as well as just received some digipacks from our EU label, Narcoleptica Productions. Basically just more tunes and more merch coming your way, hopefully in the not to distant future.

Questions by Sarah Lee

Mad God is:
Tim Harbour - Vocals and Guitar
Pat Stephansen - Drums
Evert Snyman - Bass